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Julianna Haubner, Associate Editor

Julianna spent four years at the Simon & Schuster imprint before joining Avid Reader Press in 2018. She enjoys a wide range of books, but seeks to acquire works of journalism, biography, women’s history, and historical and literary fiction that investigate dynamics between people, places, and cultural/political moments. Her titles include the New York Times bestseller Big Friendship, Michel Paradis’ Last Mission to Tokyo, Tana Wojczuk’s Lady Romeo, and Michaela Carter’s Leonora in the Morning Light, as well as forthcoming nonfiction projects exploring the history of the Watergate scandal, the 1968 Miss America protests, the experience of pregnancy and childbirth in America, and the ways female founders and CEOs turn challenge into opportunity. She has also had the pleasure of working on projects by the Editors of New York Magazine, Garrett Graff, John Sedgwick, Lisa Halliday, Emily Gould, Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic, Tom Brady, Rinker Buck, and Susan Orlean.


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Lady Romeo
Leonora in the Morning Light
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