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Peter Borland is Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Atria Books. He edits #1 New York Times bestselling novelists Fredrik Backman and Janet Evanovich as well as bestselling and acclaimed novelists I.S. Berry, Janet Skeslien Charles, Rupert Everett, Thomas Keneally, William Kent Krueger, Heather McGowan, and Paul Rudnick.  His nonfiction books include The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel by Doug Brunt, Generations by Jean Twenge, The Hummingbirds’ Gift by Sy Montgomery, Happiness Becomes You by Tina Turner, and Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi. Forthcoming books include My Friends by Fredrik Backman, Now or Never by Janet Evanovich, Friends of the Museum by Heather McGowan, Paper of Wreckage by Susan Mulcahy and Frank DiGiacomo, What the Chicken Knows by Sy Montgomery, and How Sondheim Can Change Your Life by Richard Schoch. He joined Atria in 2004 after working in various editorial roles at Dutton and Ballantine.

Areas of Interest: Commercial and Literary Fiction, Narrative Nonfiction, Popular Science, History

Authors Include: Fredrik Backman, I.S. Berry, Janet Skeslien Charles, Jon Clinch, Armando Lucas Correa, Doug Brunt, Janet Evanovich, Rupert Everett, Jackie Higgins, Thomas Keneally, William Kent Krueger, Alan Light, Heather McGowan, Sy Montgomery, Niklas Natt och Dag, Paul Rudnick, Gareth Russell, Liese O’Halloran Schwarz, William Shatner, Marcel Theroux


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