About the Editor

Editor photo of Dainese Santos

Dainese will never let you forget that she’s a born and bred Southern Californian. She loves stories that are sweet, warm, and joyful. Having been raised on Nora Ephron, 2000s romcoms, and Asian dramas, she’s a sucker for meet-cutes, crush energy, and things that are fun and frothy. And though she’s typically not the best fit for speculative stories, she’ll never turn down a good ghost story. Superstitious by blood and a lover of folklore, she’d especially love to see stories that are rooted in the traditions of underrepresented cultures; but, as with everything else regarding her taste, there must be joy and warmth at its center.

If you’d like to talk to her about something other than books, Dainese can talk your ear off about: K-pop; anime; shōjo manga; comedy and pop culture podcasts; and her numerous rarepair, never-canon ships. Find her on Twitter @chanceofdain


Last Updated: November 17, 2022