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About the Editor

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Anna Parsons joined Aladdin in 2018 after completing several internships and an MS in Publishing from New York University. She’s looking for commercial middle grade fiction and nonfiction, especially featuring underrepresented voices. Additionally, she’s acquiring select chapter books, graphic novels, and middle grade novels in verse. 


Anna is primarily looking for action/adventure stories, including light or epic fantasy and science fiction, suspenseful mystery and thrillers, survival stories, and light horror. She’s also acquiring some contemporary and historical fiction, tending toward high-concept and escapist plots but with depth to the characters and their real-world experiences. In nonfiction, she’s looking for accessible narrative nonfiction or illustrated books that offer insights into important social topics or historical events. Anna loves compelling voices, complex characters, unique worlds, fast-paced plots, and clever twists.



Featured Titles

The Last Dragon on Mars
Wrath of the Rain God
Exit Nowhere
The Skeleton Flute
Finn and the Feline Frenemy
Charlie Hernández & the Golden Dooms
Last Updated: July 19, 2024