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Jacqueline Musser began her publishing career at F+W Media, where she helped launch the Betterway Home and Living Ready imprints and relaunch Family Tree Books. She joined Adams Media in 2014. Jacqueline is responsible for many of Adams Media’s top-selling titles and series, including USA TODAY bestseller The DIRTY, LAZY, KETO® Cookbook by Stephanie Laska and William Laska; the Stress Less ColoringTM series; the For Health series; and The “I Love My” series of appliance-based cookbooks. Jacqueline is looking for trend-based health, diet, cooking, self-help, and self-improvement books.


Featured Titles

The DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Cookbook
The Her Campus Guide to College Life, Updated and Expanded Edition
The “I Love My Instant Pot®” Affordable Meals Recipe Book
Coconut Oil for Health
Last Updated: September 22, 2023