About the Editor

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Joe Monti is the award-nominated editorial director of Saga Press, working with bestselling and esteemed authors Charlaine Harris, Stephen Graham Jones, Rebecca Roanhorse, and Ken Liu, to name a few. He fell in love with the literature of fantasy and science fiction at an early age and never let go. After all, as Ursula K. Le Guin counsels, “People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.” Before joining Saga Press in 2013, Joe worked in the industry for eighteen years as a literary agent, an editor, a buyer, and a sales rep.

Editorial Interests: A broad range from commercial to high concept literary genre, innovative novels from marginalized voices, and horror fiction (editor’s note: I firmly believe horror fiction is the genre to address the issues of today with class, culture, and race).


Featured Titles

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Last Updated: November 17, 2022