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Julia McCarthy joined Atheneum Books for Young Readers in 2017. She enjoys working on an omnivorous range of voice-driven young adult, middle grade, and picture books, and is actively looking to expand Atheneum’s graphic novel list. Julia believes that each story has the power to engender compassion, empathy, and courage within a reader, and is committed to developing a list of books that serve as a safe harbor and means of inspiration. She is most immediately drawn towards magical realism; fantasy that addresses contemporary issues; marginalized or underrepresented groups; non-traditional folklore; LGBTQIA+ perspectives; Indigenous voices; empowering environmentalism; novels in verse; stories of any age with a touch of clever humor, fantasy, or darkness; witches and goblins and ghosts and Halloweenish whimsy; STEAM-themed novels and picture books, and any sort of graphic novel you can imagine. If you’re a fan of puns, visit her on Twitter @thejumbles.


Featured Titles

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Last Updated: June 7, 2022