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Ben Loehnen, Vice President and Editor in Chief

Ben Loehnen worked at the Simon & Schuster imprint for eight years, most recently as executive editor. He worked previously at HarperCollins and Random House. He edits books across a range of subjects, including business, economics, psychology, science, religion, fiction, narrative nonfiction, and memoir. The authors with whom he has worked include: Andy Borowitz, Frank Bruni, James Lee Burke, Steve Case, Robert Cialdini, Ross Douthat, Jesse Eisinger, Charles Fishman, Justin Fox, Jacob Hacker, Morten Hansen, Oona Hathaway, Chip and Dan Heath, Virginia Heffernan, Adam Higginbotham, A.J. Jacobs, Ezra Klein, Sarah Lewis, Alec MacGillis, Paul Pierson, Gerald Posner, Richard Rhodes, Michael Riedel,  Jim Rogers, Christopher Ryan, Scott Shapiro, Dan Slater, Benn Steil, Andrew Sullivan, Gillian Tett, and Stephen Tobolowsky. A native of Montana and an avid birdwatcher, he is a graduate of Harvard College.


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Last Updated: November 17, 2022