About the Editor

Editor photo of Alyza Liu

Alyza Liu joined Simon & Schuster in 2017 after graduating magna cum laude from NYU, and assists Krista Vitola and Nicole Ellul while building a list that centers marginalized characters and creators. She is a fan of all things genre and is attracted to either extreme of the light-to-dark spectrum, though she is never looking for anything heavy, serious, or grim. Her taste can be best described as “your favorite guilty pleasure” and she likes to joke that she enjoys “murder or makeouts—preferably both, ideally at the same time.” As an avid fan of Asian TV shows, she lives for melodrama and enjoys sweeping, emotionally intense YA; voicey, adventurous middle grade that reminds her of Over the Garden Wall; picture books that are either funny or informative; and she is always looking for translated genre fiction from the Global South. Find out more specifics about her wishlist at


Last Updated: February 28, 2024