About the Editor

Editor photo of Amara  Hoshijo

Amara Hoshijo is a senior editor at Saga Press. She specializes in speculative fiction of all kinds—science fiction, fantasy, and horror—with an eye toward secondary worlds and unique cultural lenses. She first came up as an editor in the international crime fiction space, so immersive worldbuilding and a tightly knitted plot are at the forefront for her, rather than character voice. Thematically, she gravitates toward coming-of-age (at any age!), societal disenchantment, found family, and family legacy.


Her authors at Saga include New York Times bestseller Chloe Gong, USA TODAY bestseller Kemi Ashing-Giwa, Sascha Stronach, M. J. Kuhn, Rin Chupeco, and Matt Wallace.


At this time, she is not looking for more grounded narratives, historical fantasy, or crossover YA fiction. She also tends to shy away from time travel and multiverse stories.


Featured Titles

The Dawnhounds
Silver Under Nightfall
Cosplay: A History
Last Updated: May 16, 2024