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Megan Hogan is looking for narrative and idea-driven nonfiction, especially overlooked and revisionist history, literary and investigative journalism, science and nature, culture, memoir, and science-backed self-help. Her favorite projects are often that perfect mix of entertaining and enlightening – stories past or present that use a gripping plot and colorful characters to explore larger social and political themes. Based out of Wyoming, she loves stories from the American West. She also has a soft spot for quirky deep dives, braided narratives, counterintuitive arguments, and moral complexity. Recent publications include the national bestseller Why Fish Don’t Exist by Radiolab co-host Lulu Miller. Among her forthcoming projects are books about a nonbinary preacher during the American Revolution, how the Ultimate Fighting Championship evolved from human cockfighting to pop culture phenomenon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and how air conditioning almost brought about the end of the world. A graduate of Princeton University, Megan joined Simon & Schuster in 2014, after two years at a translation agency in Paris.


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Why Fish Don’t Exist
The Invention of Miracles
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Last Updated: June 7, 2022