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Molly Gregory has been with the Gallery team since 2016, following an internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine. Although Molly adores all kinds of books, she is particularly drawn to smart, zeitgeisty, pop culture-driven essay collections, humor, celebrity, American cultural history, and narrative and issue-driven nonfiction that tap into the here and now and which explore our ever-evolving society and world. On the fiction side, she is looking for commercial women’s and book club fiction, character-driven romantic comedies, and—on the complete opposite end of the spectrum—Southern Gothic fiction and upmarket thrillers with a tinge of horror, à la Jodi Picoult’s Second Glance and Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones. Books that feature a strong voice, humor, female friendship, feminist themes, prickly but lovable characters, and complicated family dynamics particularly resonate with Molly.


Featured Titles

Under the Southern Sky
Wear the Damn Mask
The Book Charmer
Last Updated: January 5, 2022