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Kristin Gilson is the Editorial Director of Aladdin, an imprint dedicated to quality commercial fiction and non-fiction for ages 12 and under. On the fiction side, she is drawn to stories with honesty and heart; books that make her laugh, cry, think, and feel; and quirky characters who are looking to find, figure out, or create their place in the world. She loves smart protagonists, sibling or found family stories, snarky humor, and books that speak to the growing young LGBTQ and GNC community. Picture books and high fantasy are not her thing, though light fantasy and magical realism are fine. On the non-fiction side she’s looking for titles that highlight unsung heroes, stories of young people who are making a difference, and entertaining approaches to unusual subjects. A lifelong lover of books and reading, Kristin still has her very first library card.


Featured Titles

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Golden Gate
Forbidden City
Strangeworlds Travel Agency
The Edge of the Ocean
Pizazz vs. the New Kid
Frankie & Bug
Rules for Vampires
Last Updated: November 17, 2022