Kristie Choi Assistant Editor Atheneum

About the Editor

Editor photo of Kristie Choi

Kristie Choi joined S&S after a past stint sleuthing as a private investigator. Regardless of genre or format, she’s drawn to character-driven stories that can make her laugh and cry (less slapstick, more witty/absurd); own voices/BIPOC representation; lyrical writing; SFF/speculative grounded with believable, relatable characters and universal themes. She’s looking to acquire picture books that are heartfelt and evocative; poetic; imaginative and conceptual; humorous and whimsical; stories that can be appreciated by kids and their adults. She’s drawn to character-driven MG/YA with a bit of heft, balanced with levity and hope. She especially loves layered stories with realistic emotions, a dash of fantasy, and a sense of mystery that keeps her turning the page. She enjoys some suspense and a bit of spooky/creepy, but she isn’t looking for straight horror. In her spare time, she loves to be in nature hiking or watching reruns of Avatar the Last Airbender.


Last Updated: February 28, 2024