About the Editor

Editor photo of Ronnie Alvarado

Veronica (Ronnie) Alvarado joined Simon & Schuster in 2019 as an associate editor. A graduate of Wesleyan University and the Columbia Publishing Course, Ronnie previously worked at Skyhorse Publishing, where she acquired and edited a variety of commercial nonfiction titles. At Simon Element, she acquires in the areas of personal development, relationships, behavioral science, lifestyle, health, and wellness, and strives to publish authors with distinct viewpoints, come from a variety of backgrounds, and bring unique experiences to their work. 


Recent and upcoming titles on her list include Fitness for Every Body by Meg Boggs, The Anxiety Healer’s Guide by Alison Seponara, and The Mom Friend Guide to Everyday Safety and Security by Cathy Pedrayes.


Last Updated: July 27, 2022